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As Fer Matbaa we have 45 year of experience in printing and cartoon product manufacturing in Turkey. Our main mission is to produce innovative projects for our customers and to provide additional value by going beyond the needs of our customers. Our company has managed to be a solution partner for its customers all the time with its high technology production and professional status. Our company exports to many countries of the world, has all quality certificates.

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Positioning customer satisfaction at its center, our company has proven itself in design & production by developing and renewing day by day with the quality and assurance of the registered
"Fermatbaa Luxury Box" brand.


Boxes produced with different patterns and designs are boxes produced with rigid cardboard from 1mm to 3mm, according to the customer's request, suitable for the intended use.


Wooden Boxes, which are produced with different patterns and designs, are boxes produced from various types of wood with a durable structure according to the customer's demand, suitable for the purpose of use.


Eco-friendly cardboard clothes hangers made from 100% recycled cardboard Lightweight yet strong, our cardboard hangers are made from recycled and compressed paper fibers for added durability.


It is a single-use product that is not affected by all kinds of hot, tan and cold, from 1mm to 3mm printed, unprinted laminated, optional gold and silver laminated, from cake size to the largest cake size.


Luxury paper bags designed for you Branded cardboard bags are vital for retail or commercial marketing. We offer printed paper bags in a wide variety of colors, sizes and designs.

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