Creative And personalized box

As Fer Matbaa we have 45 year of experience in printing and cartoon product manufacturing in Turkey. Our main mission is to produce innovative projects for our customers and to provide additional value by going beyond the needs of our customers. Our company has managed to be a solution partner for its customers all the time with its high technology production and professional status. Our company exports to many countries of the world, has all quality certificates.



Adopting development, growth and sharing as the basic principle since the first day of our establishment, Always a pioneer in realizing new ideas in the sector, Being an example with the services and services it offers, Being a leading company in the sector.



To develop high-performance, quality, cost-effective and reliable solutions in order to reach advanced technologies, to lead technological transformation.

Our Values


To develop original and new technologies by following the trends in technology, to take the principles of continuous learning and improvement and innovation in line with the needs of the market, to guide science and technology in company activities.

Why Choose Us

Best Quality

Positioning customer satisfaction at the center, our company has proven itself in design & production by developing and renewing day by day with the quality and assurance of the registered "Fer printing" brand.


For 45 years, we have been serving many brands, especially in the watch, glasses and jewelry sector, on boxes, stands and eteelage.

Expert staff

Our company, which has the ability to apply all kinds of materials such as paper, cardboard, cardboard, textile, wood, acrylic, plastic and metal, carries out its production in a closed area of 2000 m2 with its experienced staff.